An Unboxed Item Is Anything That Can Be Brokered

Even though there are limitless configurations of thousands of different types of machines and things you broker, Binder standardizes these real-world items in reusable Item Templates for defining items, invoicing, searching and more.

Item Review

The Binder Process

With hundreds if not thousands of found items, it’s virtually impossible to remember details about every deal. This allows an individual to dole out responsibilities to move the purchase and sale of an item further along the Binder Process. Any user with a Manager Role can conduct daily reviews each item and assign responsibilities or tasks to various roles with the relative roles. These tasks can be assigned to the Call Center, Buyer and Sales Roles.

Dashboard Item Image

Every type of role has an assigned dashboard that summarizes or quantifies all of the data that has been collected about items, companies, invoices and tasks. The Call Center Role sees summaries about notes, vendors, flagged companies, item ratios and others. Buyer Roles see similar details plus viewers for the companies that they are buying from and the companies they have made offers to. And the Sales Role sees summaries that pertain to Customers and advertised items.

  • Find Items - Search for items by text
  • Find Items Advanced - Search for items by predefined lists
  • Identity Search - Search for items by Binder’s assigned stock number
  • Items Missing Data - Search for items missing data like pictures or pricing
  • Item Status Search - Search for items by their status type
  • Items Over Time - Search for items by date entered
  • Items By Profit - Search for items by the profit
  • Item Tag Search - Search for items by their item tags or meta data